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The Long and Short of It

Southern Reflections

25 September
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I started writing fan fic in December 2008 and absolutely love it. I write non-fiction as a smalltown newspaper writer/columnist to earn my daily bread, but find fan fic a great release and a lot of fun! I'm a former teacher of French, art and music, have worked in a photography studio and in retail sales, and I've been writing as a profession since January 2000. I am married to my best friend and we live in the country in Sweet Home Alabama on property that was once part of the family farm where I grew up. We are animal lovers and have several pets, including a three-legged cat with a Hitler mustache. I'm also a big supporter of the arts and the American Cancer Society. And I'm a rabid fan of Richard Armitage - a beautiful man and wonderful actor!! I am also now a vidder with more than 60 vids at YT (under angieklong) and Vimeo (under angie long) . . . most featuring a certain TDHBEW. ;)